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CPO in the Private Security Industry BTEC L3

Working as a Close Protection Operative in the Private Security Industry (QCF)

BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Working as a Close Protection Operative in the Private Security Industry (QCF) is a two week course for CPOs and those wishing to become CPOs. Success in this profession depends very much on whether you have the right skills and mindset. So too, credibility, which means that you will be required to not just possess the right qualifications, but be able to demonstrate the ability to provide close protection, assess and manage risk, manage potential conflict situations, as well as deliver enhanced medical assistance if called upon to do so, all requiring a favorable outcome. We offer a full 15 day course for individuals who are new to the CPO field and have no prior experience. For those experienced in the CPO field seeking a formal qualification, we also offer a 7 day RPL course.


The knowledge and skills required are developed through a combination of lectures, practical exercises and scenarios which rely on teamwork. The training peaks with an intensive final exercise that combines all the skills and knowledge obtained throughout the course.

  • Unit 1 - Planning, Preparing and Supporting a CP Operation

  • Unit 2 - Working as a Close Protection Operative

  • Unit 3 - Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry

  • Unit 4 - Enhanced FPOS Intermediate Skills (Medical)


Full Course (15 Day) Requirements:

  • No Prior Knowledge or Experience

RPL Refresher Course (7 Day) Requirements:

  • Prior Experience in the CPO Field

  • OR Have Done Non-recognised CPO Courses and Want to be Certified


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